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My summer is coming up and to be honest after a couple of years of playing on the computer im not in as great shape as i once was. I'm 17 years old almost 5'9 and weigh 153 pounds. Unfortunately most of this weight is fat >.<. I would like to get into better shape.
What I want:
-Would like to have a stronger ab area six-pack would be awsome, but lets be realistic :P
-Would like to work with weights unfortunately all I have is a curl bar with 40 pounds on it.P.S. can do about 15-20 reps before my arms become tired.
-Would also like to be able to run farther sadly at the moment I can run slightly under 1 Kilometer.
I need to know what kind of excercises i should be doing. Currently I do 3-500 crunches a day and use the curl bar to do 3 sets of 15 reps with a 2 minute break in between. I feel that this is not enough I am willing to dedicate myself to doing this atleast five days a week.
Also if there are any foods i should avoid or even any foods i should be eating, and what should I try to eat as far as meals go.
Have access to:
A machine to do crunches on -Dont remember what its called-
A curl bar with 40 pounds
A tread mill


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1/26/2010 7:18:27 AM
Join a local gym. Try group classes! I love bodypump and spin which will burn tons of calories. Pilates is great for your core.

Personal Trainer
7/12/2009 11:30:07 AM

1. You need to get yourself a set of dumbbells

2. Forget the 3-500 crunches a day.

3. Try this at home workout program.

You will also be able to run farther and increase your ab strength.


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