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My hardest area to get the fat off. I'm toned every where ecept my legs! It's strange. I do lunges squats, yadda, yaddda, any suggestions that I can do everyday without hurting my legs, knees?


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11/20/2009 12:28:40 AM
There's no quick way to tone your legs. But I have a few tips to help you tone your legs without putting too much strain on your leg muscles;
calf muscles: lift your heels off the ground, hold the position for few seconds straight in the air and bring them in their original position.
flabby thighs: do the leg extension exercise.
You can also do yoga and pilates

Personal Trainer
1/27/2008 10:15:29 AM
Hi There,

You can't spot reduce but you can try and perform some High Intensity Interval training which will help lose more fat overall off your body.

Try swimming, it's a great anaerobic exercise to help tone your whole body.


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