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I think I had gained too much muscle on my left side-deltoid, due to excessive carrying of my kids. Now my left shoulder (side deltoid) is bulky and really muscular. How do I thin it down to make it similar to the right shoulder? It doesn't look it's body fat...more like muscled up. Please advise.


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9/28/2009 1:42:33 PM
Thank you for the quick and prompt advise.
My kids are little big now and I dont pick them up anymore. It's been bulky for so long :(

So, just doing more lateral raises on the right shoulder is the way to go? I should not put any weights on the left side deltoid for some time?

Personal Trainer
9/28/2009 1:34:57 PM
Hi there,

Try picking your kids up with the opposite arm and perform right arm lateral raises. Either on the bench or standing up.If you dont use it you lose it, so give your left side a break for a bit, but you don't want to complete neglect it.

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