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Bones play many roles in the body. They provide structure, protect organs, anchor muscles, and store calcium. Keeping bone healthy is important for happy and longer life.

Steps to keep your bone healthy:

1. Engage in regular weight-bearing exercise

2. Get your daily recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D.

3. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol

4. Talk to your doctor about bone health

5. Have a bone density test and take medication when appropriate.


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12/16/2017 2:14:48 AM
Very informative post......

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8/19/2013 2:25:06 AM
hi guys
i am a new user of this forum. i have no advice, but say that Thank you for given Healthy tips

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8/16/2013 9:17:44 PM
You explain it very, there are lots of services which helpful for bones.

Stage 1 Fit
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3/16/2013 2:35:06 AM
That was really nice information. In order to maintain the bone strength we need to ensure that we are taking proper diet which contains Vitamin C and D.

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2/13/2013 1:35:54 AM
Natural vitamins are very important for
maintaining sight healthier, and is also
necessary for maintaining bone fragments,
tooth, skin & hair powerful and well
managed All help the body crack down body

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2/9/2013 3:32:37 AM
Ya,this points are good to make bone stronger but do you know by cycling we can make our muscle strong through continuous pedaling the bicycle.

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1/9/2013 10:23:54 PM
These are good tips to keep the bone healthy. And you also have to keep the joint movement workouts to ensure the bone strength.

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1/7/2013 11:23:03 PM
Thanks for sharing useful suggestions
mate. Healthy diet is a major factor in
developing bone strength.
Milk,cheese,bananas,eggs are so affective
foods for bones. Although exercise also
plays important role in strengthen bone.

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9/27/2012 12:56:26 AM
nice post!.
thanks for sharing this useful information.

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2/11/2012 8:33:54 AM
Sunshine gives us Vitamin D. Expose to
sunlight on early mornings for a few
minutes but don't go out when the sun is
at it's hottest. It will ruin your skin
instead causing dark spots and you may be
prone to skin cancer.

Vinegar is said to weaken calcium. Thus,
use lemon instead as a substitute.

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8/2/2011 10:37:25 PM
eat more dairy products like , milk , chees , butter and yogurt . these all food contain vitamin D and that is really good for our Bounes . Best of luck

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6/19/2011 10:38:21 PM
Hi..Vitamin C and D also helpful for bones health.Dairy food,green vegetable are the rich sources of vitamin c and D..

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5/29/2011 7:21:35 PM
Ulcers in mouth

Hi. I have a concern and question. Does anyone know what causes mouth ulcers? I have had them on and off since I was a little girl. I am 28 now. It seems like the last year I get them way more often than I used to. Currently I have about 4-5 in the back of my mouth right at my throat. I went to the doctor the last time I had them (that time I had over 20 small ones) on the roof of my mouth and in my throat. The doctor said it was viral pharyngitis (sp?) and gave me meds. When those didn't clear up he gave me Valtrex. I wonder why I was prescribed that? He has never tested me for HSV, I believe that's what it's called, and I know what Valtrex is for. He also gave me "magic mouthwash" to help with the pain. Those lasted about a week and a half. This was about 2 months ago and now I have them (not as many) again, not in the same spot. I have had drainage for about 3 weeks now and just bought OTC Nyquil for cold hoping that would help. I know this is long and you cannot diagnose over the internet but if you have ANY ideas or solutions as to what could be causing this I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you so much.

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4/6/2011 3:15:43 AM
Great stuff, Your tips are very good for healthy bones. Keep in touch.

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