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Hi, I've got a problem with having tight hip flexors. I do muay thai and I've heard that having good hip flexibility and mobility would greatly assist in these kind of sports. What kind of ways can I develop functional hip flexibility/mobility?


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11/10/2013 10:54:57 PM
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6/13/2009 5:07:20 PM
Standing and kneeling lunges are both
good for the hip flexor. You will also
stretch them when doing the front splits
(again, stranding or kneeling).

The problem isn't actually with hip
flexibility, because people with tight
hip flexors often have GREAT hip
flexibility (as in, the ability to flex
their hips). The problem is with hip
extensibility, that other half of the
range of motion.

A key issue here is hip tilt. When doing
this stretch, it is very easy to go
further into the stretch by flexing the
front leg (and that just worsens the
problem!) rather than extending the back

Basically, people tilt their hips down
while flexing the front leg, and then
they arch their lower back to seem

This isn't necessarily bad though, as
arching your lower back can help to
shift your weight backwards, placing
more weight onto the rear leg, which is
what you want to aim to do because the
more weight on the rear leg, the more
weight to pull your hip into extension.

It's very tricky though, because you
don't want to rely on that too much
either. You need to focus on shortening
your abs once like this to help tilt the
hips back up into proper position.

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