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Hey all,

New here. So a few weeks ago, I woke up with swollen feet and ankles. Not having experienced this before, I headed to the hospital and they tested me for everything from heart failure to kidney failure to lung problems to diabetes.

They took blood and all the tests came back normal. With that said, the doctor told me it could be due to inactivity.

So, I went home and I talked to a few friends, and they got me on a quarantine work out regime which I do on a daily basis. I also cut out salt, and alcohol. For awhile after starting, the swelling went down but recently has been back.

I’ve started to try compression socks and in 48 hours my feet have been much better and circulation seems better.

I spoke to my friend who is helping me with the workout and he said that my body won’t be used to intensity of the workout due to not doing it on a regular basis and it will take awhile to get used to.

It’s nothing spectacular but the workout consists of 100 free standing squats, 25-50 sit ups, 2 40 second planks and a walk every day.

I would love for my feet to not swell. I am drinking 2-3 litres of water daily as well. I am not sure if having chrohns disease may affect things either.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks all!!!



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8/11/2020 7:12:15 AM

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7/7/2020 11:00:38 AM
this can help you build more muscles and dont
have muscle strains or swelling

always remember to have days off to relax your
muscles too

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