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hi!! i just joined a gym for the first time about 1.5 months ago
and currently going 5 days a week, doing 2 hours on a tread mill
doing basic walking at 30 minute intervals, and every 5 minutes doing 1 minute runs.
now i can't run or jog for long period of time becuase i have something called splitter
bone. in the legs anyways i also do a full body work out every other day with the cardio
work out. Am i over doing it?

Also Supplements would they help with weight loss? i was 240 pounds now i weigh in at
216 pounds. okay now Supplements what do they do acactly?. and to run a few names by someone here in
Supplements, Prolab (Therma Pro) , Hydroxycut (Weight Loss Formula), Xtreme (FAT MELTER!!*Dyma-Burn)
, Allmax (*APPETITE SUPPRESSOR!*Razor 8). what are your thoughts about these few weight loss Supplements
and what other do you know of that might work?

also do you or anyone know of any Supplements thta might help me with contoling cravings food cravings that is?
i am a chef so kinda comes wit hthe job but i really want to go back to where i once was. 170 pounds
i am currently 5"9 216 pounds

and one last question how can i know or ind on a tread mill the resistance that i would be walking agaist?


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2/20/2006 4:40:24 AM
anyone have any info on this stuff?

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