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Please suggest which alternative treatment is most effective for asthma. I have been suffering from asthma for past 4 years. I would like to try these alternative ways just to see if they are indeed effective.


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4/30/2007 10:12:17 PM

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Natural treatment of asthma is obviously the best way. The book Close Your Mouth and ABC to be asthma free are self help books to teach yourself the Buteykjo clinic method. They are available from for USA and for UK and other countries. The Buteyko method is proven, safe and very effective. There is no other
complimentary therapy that gets the results that this gets. I suggest you to visit It advocates nasal breathing, diet, correct exercise etc. Patrick McKeown is a renowned practitioner. He is one of a few people in the world to be accredited by the Late Professor Buteyko and his clinics are the highly
Hope this helps.


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