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I am suffering from fatigue. I’ve been suffering from it for past four months. I have tried various things to improve your energy level and not gotten a lasting result. It affects me as a temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work.
I’ve tried various things to improve my energy level and not gotten a lasting result. Please help me to get rid out of it.


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8/14/2010 2:13:38 AM
If I could offer you a recommendation that would cure your chronic fatigue, then I would be an extraordinarily wealthy man, as most of us will suffer periods of significant fatigue at various times in our lives.

There are, literally, hundreds of potential causes of fatigue. You should, of course, see you primary physician, so that they can rule out any serious illnesses that might be contributing to your sense of fatigue.

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8/4/2010 6:00:03 PM
Check your hormones, iron and thyroid.....they
are all linked and can cause huge fatigue!

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7/9/2010 4:42:38 AM
then it could be emotional. sure nothing
is bothering you... hope you feel better
in no time.

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4/30/2010 5:51:16 AM

I will share to you ways to combat fatigue, this was given by my personal trainer Mr. christopher Munce. I hope it helps.



Fatigue can really affect us in a very negative way. It will not only make us feel tired but it will also make us feel stressed out and less energized to do certain tasks in our house. And, you have to remember that stress is one of the major causes of heart related diseases, which you really want to avoid having.

So, how can you fight off fatigue and stress effectively?


For starters, you wont need any special medications in order for you to combat fatigue. Simple changes in your life can really help you fight fatigue and feel more energized throughout the day and also prevent stress from affecting your life.

By knowing how to fight fatigue, you will be able to prevent stress, which means a healthier lifestyle.

One way to fight fatigue is by exercising. Although exercising can make us feel tired or fatigued, you will find that it can gradually increase your energy level. Aside from keeping you healthy, it will also prevent you from feeling fatigue as you go on with your everyday life. So, you may want to start exercising. It will not only be good for your health, but it will also boost your energy level, which will eventually keep you from feeling fatigue.

Breathing is another important factor if you want to fight fatigue. A lot of people take in short and shallow breaths, which will reduce the amount of oxygen taken by your body from the air while making your lungs and heart work harder. Practicing proper breathing will prevent your body from getting tired. So, instead of taking in short and shallow breaths, try to breath long and deep breaths. Keep in mind that you have to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

You should also drink plenty of water. You have to remember that dehydration can cause fatigue. You should also keep in mind that water is essential in order for you to energize your body. Our body needs water for energy and it will also remove harmful toxins inside our body. So, never try neglecting your 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.
Another way to fight fatigue and stress is by varying your daily routine. Try to mix up your daily schedule a bit and as much as possible, try to do something new in your daily life. Too much routine will get you bored, which can eventually lead to fatigue and stress. Changes in your daily routine can be as small as taking another route on your way home from work or shopping in a different mall. Be creative and dont be afraid to try out something new.

Sleepingis also an important factor. Always go to bed on time and have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. You should also prevent oversleeping as this can also cause fatigue. With the proper amount of sleep and the proper time for sleep, you will be able to feel more energized every time you wake up in the morning.

These are the things that you can do in order for you to fight fatigue. Remember these tips and you can be sure that you will be able to have more energy in your body and feel less fatigue as you go on with your daily life.

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4/27/2010 12:54:34 PM
Get your blood checked you could be Anemic. If you are feeling dizzy as well it also a good sign. Just request your doctor send you for a CBC and it will show your hemoglobin levels if they are way low then you are prob low in Iron. Hope this helps!

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9/9/2009 4:30:51 AM
Fatigue is a problem which we can find in any part of a world.Reason is taking high fat food and lack of exercise..
Regular exercise keeps body healthy and fit..

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7/20/2009 7:22:56 AM
Take the first step to positive change and heal your body, let go and start living. Fatigue is one of the most common health complaints in America. Fatigue robs millions of people of the ability to enjoy work and live life to the fullest. For many people, fatigue has done more to destroy their quality of life than any other condition.

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