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Hi, I'm a 14 years old boy, 5'2 and 105 lbs. I'm not the most fit but i"m athletic and I don't have access to a gym or any equipment at home other than a stationery bike. I also have 2 dumbbells with the # 5 on it. Since my summer vacation is coming up I want to use these three months to train myself very well.

I'd really appreciate if any one could help me make a efficient and productive workout plan (weekly). I currently play lots of soccer daily. My main priorities are cardio, flexibility, plyometrics and overall muscle building, and losing some fat. I haven't done much of a workout before so anything that's not overly stressing would be greatly appreciated. But my main priority is cardio since I want to become a better runner. And also I'm very sincere about training. Any tips on "hardening" the workout as I progress would also be helpful.

I might be asking for a lot, I'm sorry. But I have no there place to look for help in training so this all I've got.
Also this is my first post on this great website so excuse and please inform me if I made any mistakes or broke any forum rules.

P.S: Recently in a fitness test at school I did 23 laps in 12 minutes (50m laps i guess). If I train sincerely with lots of commitment, is it possible for me to run 30 laps in 12 minutes in the same course by the end of the 3 months summer vacation.

Thanks A Lot. :)


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5/11/2009 8:10:32 PM
I'd suggest you look into periodization for more information. Keep your age in mind as well since younger athletes require more rest in-between sessions. Training 3-4 times a week would be ideal. You don't need weights or equipment because the best exercises are done with your own body weight (such as plyometrics).
As for being a runner, I would firstly train to increase aerobic capacity by increasing jogging distance or time (2-5 minutes progression). Once your able to jog for a good period of time ( say 1 hour), start getting into HIIT or sprint training. If you want to progress in your 12-min run test, you need to increase your lactic threshold which can only be done with sprint HIIT training.

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