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The gym I belong to has a steam room in the ladies change room. I wondered what the benefits are for me to sit in this room? Should I not stay in too long?


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4/21/2003 4:46:37 PM
Question - I have been told that sitting in a steamroom will help you get rid of a cold or virus by killing the germs in your lungs. Is this so?

Myfit Expert
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4/9/2003 7:47:44 PM
Yes. This information can be applied to steam showers or anything else that involves a person being in an atmosphere that engages them to sweat drastically.

4/9/2003 12:38:43 AM
am i correct to assume that the same rules apply ie. times, water etc
for a home steam shower

3/29/2003 2:15:45 PM
Becky, although you feel that 'naked people are not nice', the convention in most steam rooms is to be naked. Most people will wrap a towel around themselves, but advocating a bathing suit is wrong. You may not be comfortable in your own nudity - if that is the case, that is your perogative. However, keep in mind that people have been bathing naked for centuries, the Victorian era led to imposed modesty. Suggestion to those intested in steaming - wrap with a towel, and obviously avert your eyes to prevent looking at something that will make you, or others, feel uncomfortable. Then, sit back and enjoy!

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1/11/2003 1:06:03 AM
The gym I belong to too has a steam room and I love it. After a particularly hard workout I go in wearing a swimsuit (naked people are not nice!) and stay in for about 10 minutes (I can hear the music playing in the gym and count how many songs I hear). I then jump in the shower with shampoo, soap and an exfoliating puff and scrub myself clean. I always feel so good and my skin feels super soft and healthy. Plus it gives you a really nice glow to go home (or out) with. I don't go in more than once a week because I don't want to dry my skin out, but if I miss a week, my skin asks for it! Have fun!

Myfit Expert
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1/5/2003 12:17:11 PM
Good question. Steam rooms are nothing to be afraid, so long as you use them properly. The average recommended time in a steam room is between 10-15min. Here are some benefits and things to be aware of when using a steam room:

Benefits: It encourages circulation, stimulates the immune and lymph systems. As well, it reduces signs of stress. What really benefits from a steam room is your skin. During a visit to the steam room, the blood flow to the skin can go as high as 50 to 70 percent of the cardiac output! The parts of the skin that normally suffer from poor circulation benefit from this.

Be aware of: In extreme heat, the body directs a lot of blood flow to the skin which can make it difficult to maintain proper blood pressure. Therefore, people with blood pressure problems, small children, andpregnant women should stay away from steam rooms.

Remember to drink plenty of water before and during your visit to the steam room. Otherwise, you may suffer from dehydration.

Cool down from your exercising before entering the steam room. Your blood pressure has to return to normal before going in.

Use common sense. If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable at any point, get out!!

Steam rooms are a great way relax and relieve stress. So go ahead and take it in for 10-15 minutes and enjoy.

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