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Where would I go (nutritionist, dietician???) to find out exactly how much calories, protein, fat, carbs, sugar, etc. I should be having everyday. It seems that it is quite subjective to the individual person. I have a meal plan and exercise plan in place, and I don't want to be sold all sorts of supplements, or meal plans. Just the personalised nutritional information.


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Personal Trainer
8/18/2007 10:59:04 AM
Please see a registered nutritionist to discuss your own personal protein, fat, carb intake needs.

Yes, as you said it is personalized to your goals, weight, height, metabolism and is somewhat not that scientific. Usually a good plan will try and find out what your BMR is (basal metabolic rate), add the current acitivity calories and finally breakdown the grams of protein/fat/carbs you should be ingesting based upon your goal. Everyone is different and it takes years to figure out exactly what will make your body adjust the way you want. You need to write a nutritional log for a good nutritionist anyways so start now and 7 days later see one (they will really appreciate this).


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