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I'm having an issue with squats...because I'm so used to ballet, karate, and gymnastics, I have superstrong hamstrings but NO quad muscle. When I try to do a squat, all my weight goes on my toes and my torso bends forward...when I try to just go on my heels, I fall forward. Any advice??



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10/29/2011 3:51:12 PM
Be careful with squats. If they are done incorrectly they can seriously injure your back... ive done it... its not fun. If you arent confident in your quad muscles yet then use a leg press machine or front leg extension machine to strengthen them. As for squats themselves, it is one of the best excercises for your body. I change up my routine every three weeks, but i always make sure i keep squats in every routine. They work alot of muscles and are very beneficial. The trip is to get the motin down and then use the right weight. Keep your head looking forward and make sure to keep your back straight. When you go down your butt should stick out and you should feel a pull in your glutes as you go back up. Once you got the motion down its all uphill from there. I hope this helps!

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8/31/2011 10:26:15 PM
I would do what I've been taught in yoga
to shift your weight to your glutes:
lift up your toes forcing yourself to
have more of an arch, and puts the
weight in your heel and push into your
heels. Also if you use equipment (sorry
I forget what they're called but they're
essentially handles on rope that you can
hold onto that are attached to a mount
that looks like a swingset, so you can
focus on your
technique of the squat, it also helps me
with knee pain ;) but then you can pay
more attention to forcing your glutes
and keeping knees over feet-- I can
imagine your knees being forced forward
if your hips are shifting which you
don't want. How is your
flexibility with your hamstrings? As I
would also suggest improving that to
assist with the motion. (I love yoga,
suggest it to everyone!!) Good luck!

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2/6/2010 7:28:47 PM
Hey there be careful with squats very easy to injure yourself if not done right. Get a trainer to watch you. basically keep your back straight head up dont drop down too far and most of all dont use too much weight. A belt can help also although Ive heard different opinions on it. Very easy to damage your lower back.

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