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Hello. I play football at a HighSchool. I'm 6feet and 176 pounds, and I play Offensive Linemen and Inside Linebacker. I used to play all linemen but I did a lot of cardio exercises and got a little quicker to play linebacker. Hopefully I'll get to play as a Running Back in the next season. I want to get faster, quicker, increase my agility, and have explosive movements. I don't have money to buy all the equipments offered online (; Any suggestion/workout plan?


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Personal Trainer
11/1/2003 2:10:59 PM
Well, you're asking for an entire weight training/plyometric/nutrition program and all we can do for free is to point you in the right direction to educate yourself. Here are some articles that you should be reading:

Speed Training
Speed Training- Part 2
Protein Absorption

Also try the program by Christi Kowalewski (Increasing explosive speed, plyometrics program):
Advanced Programs

This should get you started in the right direction.

Personal Trainer.

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