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I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and just began medication for it. It will be sometime before I see any results from the med. This condition has slowed down my metabolism a great deal. My weight went from 125 in Dec. to 140 June. My diet has stayed the same, but the weight just packs on and it's extremely difficult to lose. I've started running again about 3 - 4 times per week, 3 miles (after a two-year break) and have begun an exercise program. Does anyone have any ideas on diet or natural supplements to boost my metabolism, or any suggestions at all? I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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3/12/2008 7:58:30 AM

Myfit recently posted a few links for helping to boost your metabolism:

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7/3/2006 7:40:30 PM
Easiest and safest ways would be things such as the following:
-Eat 6 small meals per day, rather than 3 large ones
-Gain muscle (1 lb of muscle burns roughly 50 cals per day)
-Live actively. 1 hour of cardio per day isn't good enough, you need lifestyle changes. Whenever you can, walk or run instead of drive. Do whatever you can to burn more calories.
-Make sure your on a slight calorie deficit. If your eating too much, theres no way you'll lose any weight. Be careful of what you eat, and eat enough so your not hungry, but dont always be full and/or packed full of junky foods.

If you REALLY want, you could try taking ephedrine. It will lower appetite, boost metabolism, and therefore increase fat loss. It's not a magic medicine that will cause you to lose weight. You'll still need to put in your effort, this just boosts results, and I believe its legal at this point and time. (It was/is illegal because of people overdosing, and ending up with heartattacks and stuff. Keep to the recommended doaage if you use it.)

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