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This has been a problem that has plagued me forever.

I cannot do a full sit-up unless I have someone holding my feet. No matter how hard I try, I can't get further than a normal crunch. All the time, people around me can go up to their knees without anything holding their feet down.

Would just doing normal crunches to build up ab strength eventually get me to the point where I could do an average sit-up all by me onesy? If not, is there anything else I could do to remedy the problem?

Thank you much!


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5/18/2006 7:22:53 PM
Small crunches will definetly tone and strengthen your abs. The key is form and concentration and breathing. When you do crunches, make sure you find a place to focus your eyes on the ceiling . place hands behind head, do not pull on your head, this will strain the neck. make sure you keep a space between your chin and chest. when you come up into your crunch, make sure you tighten up your stomach, (pin the navel to the spine) forcing your lower back to to remain flat. exhail on the way up, and go slow on the way down. make sure you dont hold your breath. You will get stronger. Consistancy in your crunches will make them stronger. Dont try to pull yourself up into a full situp if you not strong enough yet. That can either strain your neck or back. Good luck to you.

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