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I've been lifting weights for a couple of months now. I notice that I've lost fat and also the "loose" muscles around my arms/chest/shoulders have tightened considerably. If I touch my biceps, triceps etc., I DO feel they are somewhat harder than it used to be. I gather this is a good sign, because the muscles are getting a good workout and they are getting stronger. Also many people acknowledged that my shoulders are developing a good shape.

But one thing worries me. When I measure my arm or chest with a tape, they show the same reading, there is NO increase (if it was 11 in. before I started this program, it is the same now even though the muscles appear much stronger and harder and shapely). Does this mean these two months have been futile. Or does it mean it will take more time to increase size? What do I do? At least, I need to know whether I've been wasting these last couple of months.


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10/19/2009 5:05:12 PM
dude if you lost fat around your arms and shoulders, yet they are the same size as they were before, that means you have GAINED muscle mass and size. Think about it the muslce replaced the area where the fat used to be!

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9/1/2009 2:22:05 PM
The bigger the weights, the lower the reps and the bigger/faster the growth.

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8/30/2003 1:52:11 PM
If your arms haven't increases that is pretty odd. Well, maybe what the other guest said, that the fat that dissapeard was taken over the muscle, might be true. Muscle weighs more than fat also...odd.
Maybe you are not eating, eat eat eat. For your weight you might try eating at least 200 grams of prot, at least! Try eating 2 more meals than what you are eating at the moment,
i.e. Protein shake and 2 bananas before going to sleep, and 2 tuna sandwiches (1 can with 3 slices of rbead) with 2 glasses of milk between one of your meals. Hopefully u can try that.
Your msucles will grow

8/27/2003 8:21:34 AM
Weight training should be enough to increase the size of your arms. Just make sure you eat right and don't overtrain. Give your muscles at least 48 hours after a workout before you train them again.

8/26/2003 10:12:10 AM
No, there was no decrease in size. My arm size had always been 11 inches. I thought it was a very tiny size for a man in his mid-twenties and weighing 150 odd lbs, so I started lifting weights to increase it to at least 13. Is there something else I need to do in order to increase the size, or is weight training alone sufficient?

8/25/2003 9:42:50 AM
But has there been a decrease in size? If the amount of fat has been reduced but there is no increse OR decrease, this is good. If the fat had been reduced, but the muscle had not grown, then your arm would have decreased in size. If it has not decreased, then this means that your muscle has grown. You have only been lifting weights for a couple of months, so give it some more time and I'm sure you'll see some results.

8/25/2003 7:36:10 AM
Thanks. Yes, it is true that I had some excess fat and once I started this program, I've not only lost fat but also my muscles have become stronger. Two months ago, if I touched my chest, arms or shoulders, or even the lower portions, I would feel they were sagging. Now even without having to tighten my biceps, they are so strong. Also the shape around my shoulders (deltoids) is extremely good. But I still can't help but wonder why there is no increase in size. I assumed with weight training that muscle would increase and fat would decrease. Of course, fat has been reduced in my case, yet there is no increase in size. Thats why I was wondering whether I was doing something wrong.

8/24/2003 2:15:28 AM
If your muscles are getting harder and stronger, than I doubt that you've been wasting your time. Is it possible that you had fat on you arms and now that youre lifting weights, your losing the fat?

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