Exercise Questions | Shoulder and chest expansion

I am 22 years old. I have very small shoulders and small chest. I want to develop my shoulders (expand shoulders) and chest so that i can be good looking when i wear t-shirts etc...

Please advice what exercises i have to do to increase my shoulder and chest and whether it is possible to make shape out of body in the way i am expecting.

Thanks and Appreciate help


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Personal Trainer
2/27/2008 11:42:24 AM
Hi Laura,

A few of the exercises you should be doing are:

For the Chest:

Dumbbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Flies
Vertical Press


Arnold Press
Military Press
Side Raises
Rear Raises

To see how to do them just copy and past it into the search exercise field to the right.---->

Let us know how it goes,


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