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i just recently switched my cardio from the eliptical to jogging on a threadmill. both times i have an agonizing stitch on my right side. the first time i ate and apple and little bit of water about an hour before my 25 minute workout. the second time i did my cardio about first thing in the am on an empty stomach besides drinking about half a glass of water 45 minutes before my workout. i am frustrated because i now prefer running versus other cardio activites. what am i doing wrong or what can i do or try to prevent this?


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10/27/2008 12:58:12 PM
The reason you are having that pain is because there is a lack of oxygen to that part of your body. You might be trying to run too fast. Try doing a 10 min worm up and starting off slow them increasing speed. If you are still having trouble let me know :)

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