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Hi I just joined MyFit and I have been trying different routines and can't seem to find one that I like over all.

I work two jobs 5 days a week and literally only have an hour and half between the jobs. I need a 30 min routine that shows results....big results.

As of now I am really not working out my legs much as they are still pretty muscular. I want an upper body that is very cut and buff....i am 6ft and weigh 175 pounds so I have a long ways to go to get ripped.

I was hopoing someone could help me with a 30min TOTAL UPPER BODY routine that is gonna help me achieve what I want my body to look like. Dont know how many days or the intensity this needs to be as I am very new to lifting.

Will 30min be enough? Kind of hard with two jobs exhausted quite a bit. Hope to have at least chiseled look by January...feasible?

Thanks in advance sorry I know I wrote a lot, just kinda lost and need a plan....


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4/27/2010 1:57:38 PM
I do 4 days a week at home with free weights and bench and some innovation!You don't need the gym although you would have a wider range of exercises you could do if you were at a gym. I am thinkin about goin back to the gym next month after another month at home. I myself, only workout 45 mins at a time...and I feel as I change up routine on a consistent basis that I am getting the most optimal results I can with what I have....I agree up your protein too and creatine will help for strength and healing!! Keep it up!

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11/26/2009 12:38:34 PM
Dear want to get buff...
Try a monday, wedneday,friday workout routine. make it intense and short like 30 min. max out for 2 sets for each body part, eg.. barbell curls superset with tricep extentions 2 all out sets. then chest back and so on, don't forget PUSH HARD ! get rest between workouts from the gym ? and take in a gram per body weight of protein for serious results.

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10/9/2009 11:26:36 AM
Oops I forgot to mention I don't belong to a gym, this is at home and i have just free weights and a pull down machine....makes it kinda harder...

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