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I have a shoulder that in the past I dislocated and my rotator cuff tends to pop. How many reps do you sudjust I start with to strength it and what are the best excerises besides the rotator cuff ones?


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11/22/2010 7:55:51 AM
You should start with a low weight,
which probably means you can handle more
repetitions. It's to focus on recruiting
the right muscles, establishing a nice
slow tempo (jerking with torso momentum
would happen otherwise and defeat the
purpose of the movement isolation) and
getting a big range of motion, finding
the most comfortable posture. Personally
I'm never sure just how much to flex or
extend the humerus when it's adducted at
the side.

Adding reps is more time under tension
and builds the endurance. This is a very
big deal before moving up to a higher
weight. The reason is that since we are
working with light resistance, the jumps
are HUGE proportionate to each other.

Like if I only have a 2.5/5lb/7.5/10lb
dumbbell set, it'd be like if I was
benching 25/50/75/100lb dumbbells.
That's a huge increase relative to the
starting point, and all the more reason
to attain a much higher repetition
number before moving up.

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11/14/2004 10:59:36 AM
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