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Hi There
I wonder if can help me please!!

Yesterday I ran for about 370 meters and the sharp pain in my left calf, yet again stopped from running.
When I first had the symptoms, last year, I went to see a consultant who referred me to ultrasound specialist who said that it was a micro tear in a muscle and the good news was that it was healing up.
Then I was referred to physiotherapy sessions in the sports clinic and was released as they were satisfied that I could run for 10KM.
Now I am planning to average about 2x5km per week. Every time I go out running I will, without any prior warning, get the sharp pain in the middle of my left calf. I have to stop running immediately (the pain is severe- I then apply R.I.C.E. rest, ice, compression, and elevation ), and if I try to run any time for the following 3-4 weeks, I re-injure myself and have to start the rest period all over again.

But here's the strange part. There is no swelling or black& blue area, and my strength is not impaired at all. I can go to the gym the following day and do one-legged calf raises,( seated and standing) with no discomfort at all. When my calf is injured like this I get my aerobic exercise on a cross trainer or, stationary bike. None of these gives me any discomfort at all. Only running is impossible.

Whether injured or not, I stretch my calves, massage it every day, and do a full leg workout at the gym three days a week.
Someone suggested that I should follow the “POSE” method of running. I purchased the starter pack and began going the drills barefooted. My calf felt a bit uneasy, so I stopped for a while.

What is going on? Please can you help me with some ideas to strengthen my calf to enable me to come back to my normal status where I can run 5km twice a week or even once!
It is very frustrating and I do really appreciate your feedback.
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