Weight & Fat Loss | Rate my exercise and tell me if i need improvements?

I belong to Planet Fitness to start
Im heading to work in a few so if i miss anything Ill fix it soon

I start on a machine much like an elliptical but the arms are stationary. Its an awesome machine and burns more cals then ellipticals. I run for about 45 mins on a manual program at a resistance of 15-35 out of 100 increasing as I get closer to the 45 mins mark and an incline of 3-7 out of 10. The calories burned off in thi time ranges from about 740-800 depending on how tired I get

I then go to an ab machine where you kneel and lock your chest and arms and use your core abs and obliques to twist(can strain the spine of your not careful) I put it at 130lbs and do 100 reps on each side of my stomach then I go to calves and set it to 160 then 200 on the next set and 240 on the last set(By the way all sets other then stomach are 12 reps) then I go to the peck deck(chest) and do 110 130 then 150 then I do an military press at 90 110 130(Im tired by now Lol) Then I go to Triceps where you grab handles and push down I do the normal 3 sets starting at 130lbs then 150 and 170lbs Then I work out shoulders and biceps on a machine where you pull(Kinda like the pull corc but its a steel machine connected to plates) I do 70 then 90 then 110 a few more machines but not many maybe 2 or 3 Ill look tomorrow as im going and note it. Then I do 3 sets of free weight bicep curls starting at 35lbs in each arm then 30 then 25 then ill do 20lbs for heavy pants exercise for 3 sets and Im done. Im always soaked when Im done but id like to lose some weight and gain muscle and Im no pro at all im a 22 year old male about 5'8 and 155-160lbs. Please rate and help. I accept all criticism and help

thanks :D


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2/29/2008 4:09:56 AM
From the sound of your workout, it sounds like you are in good shape.

if you are looking to build muscle mass you might need to scale back on the number of sets and focus on increasing the weight per rep.

If this is the workout you do every time you go to the gym, you might want to break up the exercises into focus areas (example : Chest and Bicep on one day;
Back and triceps the other, shoulder and core the next; legs and lower back the next; etc)
Lift heavier that normal, with the goal of exhausting the muscle to the point you need at least a couple of days to recoup.

I use to not believe in cardio, but have changed my opinion on that.

There are some considerations to remember-
Over training is a hindrance to muscle gains and weight loss- the body goes into a shutdown \ survival mode.

Some people are what is called "hard gainers" they can be doing everything right, it just is very hard for them to gain weight (normally build muscle); don't really know a sure fire answer to that one.

Again my recommendation would be to lower the number of sets and increase the weight. See if that makes any difference. If nothing else it would give your body a shock of muscle confusion.

Also consider some compound exercises- they are great for building lean muscle mass.

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