Exercise Questions | Pregnancy exercise (yoga)

Yoga Asanas are really well-suited to pregnant woman because they produce tremendous effect on woman’s health. Woman feels very comfortable while performing the Asanas. Woman remains active throughout her pregnancy and she can reduce the complications that can occur during labor period. besides experiencing a smooth pregnancy period, she can restore her body shape very quickly after the process of childbirth. Her chances of normal childbirth also increase.
There are several advantages of performing yoga during pregnancy. Symptoms like edema and cramping usually appear during the last month of pregnancy. But if she is performing yoga regularly, she can drastically reduce the chances of developing them. Yoga influences the position of the baby. The baby is suppose to develop in a scalpel position and if a woman if unhealthy the baby may develop in a breach or any wrong position. Yoga usually produces a massaging effect on the abdomen and hence the appetite during this period increases. The functions of the bowel also becomes smooth.
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