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I have an important question pertaining to post workout nutrition. I currently weigh around 195. I am trying to add some lean muscle mass while losing some body fat as well. A new eating plan of mine consists of me eating 6 times a day with each meal containing around 30 to 40g of protein and 50 to 70g of good carbs. After a a good workout I take a protein shake that has about 40 to 50g of protein. I read where it is very essential to also take in around 70g of carbs after a workout, and also to try to take in 600 to 700 calories right after a workout. Is that true? Are there any good carb supplements (in the drinking form), I could use after a workout? Another meal would usually come about an hour after my post workout intake, so should I really try to take in 600 to 700 calories after a workout? It really is hard finding what is the rigth way, isnt it? Please respond as soon as you get a chance. Thanks for all your help!!
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