General Health | Pleasereadthis: i have 4 days left to garner enough support to change my life!

My name is Maria, I am Canadian (WOOT!!) and I have four days left to garner support for a chance to change my life. I am about 70 pounds overweight and extremely unhappy. I began a blog last month, and joined Twitter around the same time. I found out about a weight loss contest that would choose one Mom to take on a weight loss journey, with a huge support team around her. There were many applicants, but I am now in THE FINAL FOUR (I am the ONLY Canadian in the finals). It is now all down to votes - whoever gets the most votes will win. I need this chance - I am only 36 and I live like an unhappy hermit. I don't want to make the same mistake with my kids. I promise you that this isn't some spam message - I am a real person. I made a 4min vlog that was my entry for this contest.

You can go to www(dot)mamavation(dot)com and you will see my video entry listed as #1 on the page (I go by the Twitter name @BOREDmommy) I would REALLY appreciate your support. I am desperate to win this chance. Please help me by watching the video at the Mamavation website and voting for @BOREDmommy (click on my name then click vote). You can vote 1x/day (per computer) until July 30th 8p.m. The winner will be announced that night. PLEASE help me get this chance to change the course of my life. Thank you so much for reading!!
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