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I'm new to this board, so hello all! I'm trying to get back into shape and so far I've just been walking for an hour a day for cardio. I know I need to add strength training but I don't know where to start. I'm trying to tone without adding bulk; when I used to work out regularly (about 10 years ago), I would use free weights for an hour everyday and my muscles got too big for comfort. So I'm interested in Pilates, but I'm also interested in training with resistance bands. How can I incorporate both of these without overdoing it and gaining too much bulk? Should I do both things a few days a week? Alternate between the two every day? I just don't know...


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6/16/2009 3:19:50 PM
The answer is both. I am a personal trainer and a pilates instructor. Building big muscles requires you to lift weights to failure. Do high reps with low weight and this will not happen. Muscle toning happens with bands and pilates but pilates is designed to work core muscles mostly if you only work on the mat. Alternating or mixing both into the same workout is fine. Remember, all mmuscles still need a day of rest between workouts.

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6/25/2008 2:02:33 PM
I've heard of this vibrating machine, that basically allows you to tone muscles, without building them up. also supposed to help with metabolism.

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5/19/2008 1:32:32 PM
I would alternate for everyother day that you do pilates and bands. I do not use weights much either because of the fact that I run marathons and ultra marathons throughout the year.

I would not do them every single day to start. but after a while it will not matter if you do. Also if you are not looking for alot of bulk, make sure that you are doing light weight high rep excercises.

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