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Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application
Beautiful, well-groomed and healthy hair is an important part of any person's image. No matter who you work with and what kind of lifestyle you lead, problems with hair, namely their excessive loss, dull appearance, cross-section of the tips, dryness, can cause significant discomfort, self-doubt and even depression.
About our Plasmolifting prp online course
Plasma therapy for hair (PRP therapy) is a modern, and the main effective injection technique that allows not only to improve the appearance of hair, but also to stop their loss, and even to stop the process of alopecia.
plasma therapy for hair loss
The essence of the technique consists in injecting the patient's own plasma enriched with platelets and other nutrients into the scalp.
Since the main active component is the patient's own blood, plasmolifting for hair is a completely biocompatible technique.
Plasma therapy of the scalp triggers internal regeneration processes, as a result, all improvements in the condition of the hair occur due to the restoration of the body's own resources and are of a prolonged nature.
Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application
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