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My goal now is to lose body fat without losing any muscle, maybe even gain a little muscle. My meals consist of egg whites and oatmeal with blueberries in the morning. Then lunches include grilled chicken with wheat pasta and green peppers. And later in the day consists of grilled chicken or boca burgers, with cottage cheese, peanuts, veggies and maybe a wheat pita. How does that sound? Plenty of water, no pop and very, very, little sugar.

Also, what are giant sets. I do a lot of drop sets, those are great. During week 4, instead of cardio stuff ( I have a knee problem right now), could I incorporate lifting weights with resistance bands attached? Then during the 5th week start over again with 6-8 reps? Sorry for the long response.


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Personal Trainer
1/16/2008 9:18:44 AM
Your meal plan looks great so far. I wouldn't suggest anything different other than making sure you're not having too much whole wheat pasta. Have a little higher variety of greens leafy vegetables. ie. spinach, green beans etc. Also try Quinoa out, it's jam packed full of calcium, protein and complex carbs.

Giant sets are 10 sets of a certain exercise. Obviously you'll only do that with 1-2 other exercises for a body part as it takes up so much time. YOu can superset your giant sets with some cardio.

Also make sure you are doing HIIT 4 times per week! Since you have knee pain try it on the bike. (discontinue if you feel any pain)

yes, you can try with thera-bands in week 4. They're so great to work with.

Also make sure you keep track of your reps in a journal. You should be increasing your weight 5% a week. You'll notice a huge difference in the amt you can lift after week 5


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