Exercise Questions | Nordic hamstring curls

I'm a football coach, and I've heard good things about this excercise for the reduction of hamstring injuries. Can anybody give me specific info on how to perform this excercise, and anything related to it that anyone has found to be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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Personal Trainer
6/16/2006 8:50:37 AM
Hi there,

The Nordic Hamstring Curl is a strength training exercise for athletes. As you have pointed out, Nordic Hamstring Curls have been known to help with reduction in injuries as well as an increase in the eccentric contraction of the muscle. I would recommend all athletes perform this type of exercise.

Performance Recommendations:

Start by kneeling down with someone from behind you holding your ankles firmly to the ground.

Now slowly lean forward resisting gravity until you come close to reaching the ground. Now, explode upwards to the starting position.

Beginners should not try this exercise right away because of the chance for injury. It would be advisable to try this over a mat as well.


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