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Hello there , I am a 59 year old female who recently gave up professional ice skating to discover, following aches in the front pelvis and back that the gluteus maximus is not functioning on the right - and probably hasn't done so since a skating accident to the coxycc ( oops-spelling ? ) when I was 15 ! It seems that other muscles took over the job and now that I am not so active they are beginning to feel the wear and tear. I ballroom dance and rock n roll 3/4 times a week, I walk and cycle . What I really want to know is the correct exercises to do to avoid backache etc. I want to avoid the wrong type of exercises - I am awaiting physiotherapy, but really can't sit and stiffen up. Can you help me meanwhile ? Thank you.


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5/16/2009 9:27:35 AM
Dear Amazon Girl -- thank you for your response. I have started to do lower back exercises ( cat curls and the like ) Already I feel easier. Walking and dancing are fine but are very upright and I tend to feel stiff after. So now I do some floor exercises as I saw on you tube. About 3 years ago I went belly dancing and found this really great so I guess that wouldn't hurt. I can do squats OK - which surprises me-- it must be the leg strength as opposed to the gluts that do the work in my case. Anyway I am off dancing this evening, but thanks again for your ideas.

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5/15/2009 7:06:42 PM
I would talk to your physiotherapist about your limitations and what exercises you should perform to prevent further injury to your back. I fractured my coccyx in 1995 while using one of those stupid aerobic rider machines called the "E-Force", where my feet slipped off the slick foot bars, my legs flew up, and 260 lbs of me hit the adjustment knob on my coccyx. I've had problems ever since, and found out I have arthritis there too. Lower back pain is always with me, but my doctor advised me to do core strengthening exercises (I do "Abs of Steel") to keep my core strong which strengthens the abs, the obliques, and the back. I also do squats and straight leg deadlifts with hand held dumbells to help strengthen my glutes and lower back.

There are good abdominal exercises on YouTube; my personal favorite is from a guy whose nickname is "geta6pack". But as far as the exercises with weight training, you should probably talk to your PT first.

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