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I've been struggling to gain stomach definition for some time. I started off as an overweight teen. At age 14, I was 5'6 or so and 175lbs, probably very little if any being muscle (I was a fat kid). When I hit high school due to lots of basketball and poor eating habits, grade 10 and 11 I would go from about 160 or so in the summer to 145 or so throughout the school year (it fluctuated) Grade 12 was bad because I worked in fast food and shot back up to 165. I started a new job at 18 and was at 165 and no muscle definition. On and off for 3 years or so I would go to the gym for stints, then quit. Basically I got to the point where I started using thermogens and doing as much exercise as I could handle. This eventually brought my weight down to about 140-145 regularly. December of last year I decided to join a gym and go hard. When I started I was at about 140lbs or so, but I don't know the body fat percent. I worked hard, did a lot of strength training and did some long stretches of HIIT as well for a month or two at a time. I'm currently at 135lbs, 5'8 and according to the Jackson/Pollock 7 caliper method I'm at 7.45% body fat at 134lbs. My measurements were 6mm chest, 15mm abdominal, 10mm thigh, 4mm tricep, 10mm subscapular, 7.5mm suprailiac and 6mm midaxillary. with most of my body being 10mm or less I'm stuck with that 15mm around my belly button and it's really discouraging me. Because of this, I have a very SMALL "bump" of fat just under my belly button (the skin below that is like 5mm and quite vasular (veins). I have noticeable veins in my legs as well as my arms, so I know my overall bodyfat percent is low, but I just can not lose the fat on the bottom of my stomach. I've done stretches of interval training (I do them properly), tried thermogens from time to time and recently finished the 11 day diet from "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" with little weight loss results.

When I flex I notice my upper abs are quite visible and that hump near my belly button flattens out, but I want definition that is more defined when not flexing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I just don't know what will work for me anymore...

As for diet, I eat quite lean with white meats, no white flour products (only whole wheat, and not too often), lots of fruits and vegetables...and I'm now trying to cut out pop altogether (I was only drinking diet before). I do splurge a LITTLE on the weekends but I typically don't go overboard.

I'm currently on a strength training regimen, lots of protein and core focus.
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