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Hello all,

I am a 23 year old male. I work in the media business, so I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer working.

I need to get my life in control, so I can feel better about all the things that I do.

My biggest issue is just getting started, I feel like if I just have a proper guide to get started I would stick to it, as long as it is good advice.

I am looking for:

What type of excersises should I start with daily, big or small. how much should I go run for.

My diet is horrible, I am ready for change but again lack the knowledge _or the financial freedom for a dietician. \

Also how do you stay motivated when you dont see the results rigth away - do you just bite the bullet and accept it will all get better or what?

thanks for all your help.


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7/22/2011 3:09:05 PM

Well it sounds like your off to a great
start already, most people know they
need to make a change but are not
willing to do so.

Id be happy to help you along your
fitness endeavor, a few questions first.

Whats your stats? height and weight

Do you belong to a gym or have access to
equipment ? or just workout at home?

What is your current daily food intake?

We can chat on here or you can email me
at, also check
out my blog at

And as far as staying motivated...Me
personally I use the people around me or
in the world. I connect with or research
people who have the same goals in mind
and see where they came from. We are all
humans and knowing that someone else can
start from nothing and do something
great with their life lets me believe I
can too.

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5/13/2011 11:12:22 PM
You can try some yoga in starting.cycling and cardio is also good one.
Wheather when there si question about your diet then for this i think first you should consult your doctor.

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