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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, but this week I started a new diet. My goal is to lose weight, increase lean body mass, and still make gains in my strength training. Any nutritionists out there please help me out with your opinions and/or criticism. I am a 20 y.o male 190 lbs. The Diet is listed below and is one day's worth of eating.

2800 cals
210 protein, 280 carbs, 94 fat

Meal 1
6 egg whites, 3 whole eggs, 1 slice fat free cheese, 1 cup oats, 1 tbsp honey, 4 fish oil capsules, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 glass skimmed milk
760 cals

Meal 2
150 grams 90% lean beef (or leaner) or 200 grams tuna + 1 tablespoon oliveoil, 1 whole wheat bun, lettuce, tomatoes, 1 granny smith apple, half a hand full of peanuts.
500 cals

Meal 3
40 grams liquid aminos (you can buy some liquid amino infusion by scifit online for real cheap), 2 pieces of fruit, handful of almonds
450 cals

Meal 4 (post workout)
2 scoops whey protein in skimmed milk, 2 glasses of grape juice (white grape juice, and not grape drink!), 2 tbsp peanut butter
650 cals

Meal 5
4 egg whites, two whole eggs, 1 slice fat free cheese, 4 pieces of whole wheat bread, small salad with 1 tbsp of olive oil+vinegar+lemon
440 cals

My main concern is with the amount of protein being taken in per day. Given I also have a pretty rigourous (sp?) workout routine (6 days / week, working each muscle group 2 times / week) I got this diet / excersize routine from a bodybuilder / weight trainer friend of mine, but I am still a bit concerned with the protein intake. Please leave your comments and opinions, they are greatly appreciated!


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Personal Trainer
6/8/2007 4:12:12 PM
I am not a nutritionist, however I do think that your meal plan needs a bit more diversity. I don't know what the rest of your week looks like but that specfic day will be fine for your protein intake and you won't go into a catabolic state (if that's what you're worried about).


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