Body Building | Needs help fitting it all in :(

Hello I have just turned 16, i started working out 3 months ago but had to stop for 3 weeks over christmas as i was ill. This hasn't stopped me and last week I purchased a dumbell and barbell set with 32 kg of weight, which is enough for exercises I do at home. I go to the gym at school at least 3 time a week to work legs and lower back. I want to gain some weight (i'm 6'1" and 154 pounds) and would be happy with an extra stone of weight.
The problem is that I do taekwon-do two time a week, which is really good for my fitness but not really for hypotrophy, I do it on mondays and wednesdays. After a session my body aches from the exercise. Could anyone suggest a suitable workout that fits around this? One targeted at my abs, obliques and upper body (arms, pecs etc).


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Personal Trainer
1/14/2009 7:56:16 AM
You shouldn't focus on just certain muscle groups. You should focus on your whole body.

Check out:

Muscle Mass Workout

On your taekwon-do days you can skip your workout but just continue on with the next day the day after. If you find it too much put another day off in there.


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