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My problem is I lost over 65 lbs healthy way on supplements and excersize. My stomache is flattening.My problem is my sides. They are so fatty you can squeeze a whole hand full on each side. Are there any excersizes and a specific menu I could follow to lose this fat? I am a very dedicated excersizer. That isnt my problem. I just need to know what kind of excersize i need to do this. Thank you


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1/11/2010 5:08:07 PM
You cannot target fat loss to a specific area of your body period. FAT comes from all over your body. You have no control over that.
You can however target tone muscle. The best exercises to tone muscle are anaerobic exercises which tighten your muscle. Easiest way is doing sit-ups, and any other exercise that leaves your muscles aching after a short routine. Then watch your daily calorie intake and make sure the calories you are taking in come from nutritional foods. Try to concentrate on colorful vegetables, fruits and white meats and less on saturated fat, bad carbs. Also cut out soda completely from your diet, even diet sodas. Drink water and lots of it.

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11/18/2009 7:35:21 PM
I feel like i am reading a topic i would have put in last year. You see i found myself in the same predicament. I had gone from 240 to 170 and all healthy, what i needed to do was change my diet from losing fat to toning muscle. You see it will allowyour muscles to tighten and firm and your skin to become healthier and allow your body to tighten up and look sleek instead of sloppy :P.

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11/5/2009 3:48:09 PM
Well done on the weight lose.
This issue really depends on if it is just untoned or you still have weight to lose!!?
If you still need to lose weight, it will come off in its own time, you cannot specifically lose weight in one area. You can exercise these muscles to help the look and as you lose weight you will start to see the area toned much quicker.
Try a variety of these. The more variety of exercises you use, the muscles will be used in a better trijectory and better!
-side sit up on the gym ball.
-russian twists
-side planks (a must!)
-weighted side bends
-cable twists
gosh there are so many, if you need any more ideas. i'll give you some more!
Just don't give up!!!
Lozza x

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