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I am looking to start a new supplement, currently, I have about four weeks left on NO-Xplode and Cellmass. This is my second cycle of NO-Xplode and cellmass after a 4 week break before. I noticed better results the first time I took it, however, xplode does still give a kick to my early morning work outs.
I am 20 years old, only supplement I’ve been on is creatine, and I have always cycled it with time off in between.

Starting to look for something new, bunch of guys I lift with are on PH's, but I don't know as much information as I should before taking those. Was wondering if anybody could give me some ideas of what's good.


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3/6/2007 3:58:38 AM
I personally like Myochem’s CEE-MYO CE2X 6080. I started taking the CE2X about 3 weeks after I starting weight training and have noticed WEEKLY gains in strength and overall muscle size.

I believe that anyone can see steady gains with proper nutrition and exercise, but I don’t honestly believe that I would have been able to see my bench press increase 60 Ibs.

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