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Ok, I've applied for the army. I'm a 24 year old female. Im fit and can do the required push ups easily. But they have changed the technique. I have only a few days to do it their way where my arms need to be should width apart instead my arms are too wide. My arms hate doing it their way and don't seem to have the stregth to push myself up. Any suggestions?


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6/2/2011 11:51:20 PM
I only need to manage 8 to pass the test. I didn't
think that the diffrence in technique would bring
me back to ground 0. Unless it's just cause I'm
tired in the arms. I've counted 4 days of training I
have available, and then gave 2 rest days before
the test. I'm looking at all food angles and protien
shanks to help my muscles and to get the energy
boost I need. I've been trying technique on my
knees to get my arms used to it today. But don't
have the strengh to do them properly.

Personal Trainer
6/2/2011 11:07:02 PM
The bad thing about the new form is that it
requires a lot more triceps and less chest. I
suggest you train hard every 36-48 hours
focusing on technique and form. Try and do 5 or
6 sets if pushups to build up some resistance to
lactic acid. Also ingest a protein shake
immediately after your sessions.

One really small tip is try to put your weight as far
out on your palm as possible to bring more chest
muscle into the exercise


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