Body Building | Need help gaining muscle mass

Hey, i am 18 years old and 6'4 and 170 lbs not skinny but not fat either, i came here to ask for advice i want to get big i dont know much about lifting i just read some stuff online
here is my plan

Mon - Chest/Tri
Bench Press Sets:5 Reps:8
Incline Flyes Sets:4 Reps:5
Dips Sets:4 Reps:8
Tricep Pulldowns Sets:4 Reps:8
Tricep Kickbacks Sets:4 Reps:10

Tue - rest

Wed - Back/Bi
Barbell Curls Sets:4 Reps:8
Preacher Curls Sets:4 Reps:10
Hammer Curls Sets:3 Reps:8
Seated Row Sets:4 Reps:8
Lat Pulldown Sets:4 Reps:10
One Arm Row Sets:3 Reps:8

Thu - Legs
Squats Sets:3 Reps:8
Leg Extension Sets:4 Reps:8
Running 30 min

Fri - Shoulders/Neck
Front Raises Sets:4 Reps:8
Side Raises Sets:4 Reps:8
Upright Row Sets:3 Reps:8
Shrugs Sets:4 Reps:8

and i plan to drink Cytosport Muscle milk, sorry if its a lot of crap to read i just wanna know if this is a good plan for beginer


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Stage 1 Fit
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7/29/2008 4:21:48 PM
I Don't Know so much about the reps but i would recommand 12 reps for the Legs

12 reps makes it's bigger

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7/16/2008 1:57:24 PM
thanks again irishabs

Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
6/30/2008 12:10:31 PM
Ya that is what I mean. You don't have to change all the workout but maybe try like adding a set to each lift.

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6/29/2008 5:00:37 PM
what do you mean by adjusting, like changing the routine?

Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
6/26/2008 9:45:24 PM
Yes that would be a good idea for when you are beginning. Just make sure that you are adjusting every 4-6 weeks so that your body don't get used one workout...

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