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Hi, i was just wondering if neck muscles have hypertrophy potential or would it be similar to the wrists and ankles where it is near impossible to build. I'd like to build up some bulk around my neck however i know it is a very delicate spot and can create serious problems if done incorrectly. Also, if possible, is hypertrophication range of reps/sets is safe for the neck?


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5/15/2009 7:38:28 PM
The neck muscles can be built up using a weight plate as resistance. I've seen a great instructional video by "geta6pack" on YouTube regarding this very thing. He lays on his belly on a weight bench, head hanging over, placing a light weight plate on the back of his head, and lifts his head for about 10-15 reps. He does different weight plate exercises for his neck on his YouTube site as well as exercise tutorials for other body parts, too.

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