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We usually relate tinnitus to adults especially the old ones. While it is true that older people suffer greatly from symptoms of tinnitus, it has been found out that children also suffer from constant ringing in ears caused by tinnitus. Children need to understand their condition and the natural remedy for tinnitus.

Meniere’s disease, which results from an increased pressure in the inner ear and also causes deafness and vertigo.


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1/16/2011 9:56:56 AM

I remember having a client in Ottawa
with Meniere's causing vertigo and

It was interesting to me that she was
also a breast cancer survivor.

What makes me curious, and I never
thought to ask, was to know whether he
Meniere's presented itself prior to the
cancer or after.

In my case, the best remedy for tinnitus
is to avoid bars and other sources of
loud music for prolonged periods of

What may I ask are the natural remedies
for tinnitus?

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