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Hi, Iím new to the forum.
What better way to introduce myself than to run through my current exercise routine so you guys know what Iím doing with exercise.

Daily stuff:
Bicep curls, bench press, Indian club work (focussing on shoulders and core strength). Normally this should be done every second day, but Iím keeping weight quite low as Iím more concerned with mobility and general fitness than strength at the moment. I injured both elbows a while back and after an extremely lengthy recovery process am hoping to work up to doing chin ups and pull ups again (my personal best that I want to beat is 12 in each pull ups and chin ups).

I havenít included sets/reps because I have no set rules, when Iím feeling good I workout and when my body is tired I stop.

Iím also doing a wide range of joint mobility drills and plenty of stretching/yoga.

Noteably Iím not doing anything for the lower body at the moment; Iíve developed shin splints and am resting my legs for whatever time they need (expecting a week or two at most), currently doing stretches and nothing more for my legs. Will be working in a routine of squats and walking/running as my legs heal.

As for nutrition, Iím eating a high protein diet with a lot of carbs, the carbs are mostly just because theyíre easy if not necessarily good for me (pasta mostly), taking a truck load of fish oil tablets which work wonders for my elbows and I drink a lot of milk, water and fruit juice. Mostly this is all a combination of convenience and to give my body some semi-decent fuel. No concerns for weight loss or gain.

If anyone has any suggestions, keeping in mind that my goals right now are mostly mobility, joint health and general fitness, I'd be happy to hear them. :)
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