Exercise Questions | My workout routine

Monday: Chest w/10-20 min. cardio.
Tuesday: Arms w/30-40 min. cardio.
Wednesday: Off Or shoulders and back w/
10-40 min. cardio.
Thursday: Shoulders and back or
Legs w/30-40 min. Cardio
W/ either workout.
Friday: Legs or Off w/10-40 min.
Saturday: Off/swim/10-40 min. cardio.
Sunday: Off/swim/10-40 min. cardio.

This is my typical workout routine for me. Is it a good routine and will a I get a great body? I know many people say do certain areas with certain areas. I have try that, but it don't seem to work for me and feel funny doing that way. Also what is a good meal plan? I trying to loose fat off the stomach and build up muscle.


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Personal Trainer
8/21/2008 7:28:16 AM
You're doing lots of cardio which is good but maybe try HIITinstead of your standard LSD cardio routine.

Also try this boosting metabolism meal plan

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