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I was wondering if I should take a multivitamin or not.. I see to have the same 4 veges if im goign to have them so i dont think im getting it through my diet. Whats the best way to absorb multivitamins?


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5/11/2006 10:10:00 PM
Arginine Arginine is an amino acid present in the proteins of all life forms. Under normal circumstances your body can synthesize sufficient quantities from your diet to meet your needs.

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3/21/2003 11:08:54 PM
Sally Squire of the Washington Post offers the following guidelines for taking vitamins and minerals:

Take vitamins, both multi- and individual vitamins and minerals, at the same time each day. Don't take them all at once. Because some vitamins and minerals interact in a way that depletes absorption rates, stagger your supplements throughout the day. Take some with breakfast, some with lunch, and some with dinner. Just be consistent. Do not take calcium with multivitamins or zinc and iron supplements since calcium blocks their absorption. Take the latest recommended amounts, but no more. There is no scientific proof that megadoses help. Keep it simple. Don't bother with the time-released or sustained release vitamins. They cost more and have no apparent benefit. Think about your stomach. Some vitamins can cause stomach irritation when taken without food, such as iron and calcium, while others are best absorbed without food. Fat soluble vitamins--A, D, E, and K--should be taken with food containing some fat.

(Source: The Washington Post, January 12, 1999)

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