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Hi guys

Googled my way to this forum, so bear with me if my english isn't a 100% :)

There is a pretty good chance that I'm moving to Vancouver with my Canadian girlfriend.

I've been training with weights in one gym and boxing in another for years.
For some reason finding a combined gym in Denmark is near impossible.
But I've heard Canada is different. And it would be nice only having one membership... Mostly because of price.

I need a place that has boxing with sparing (for amateurs) and dumbbells up to 100lbs and/or over.
I'm not huge and i'm mostly using 70-80lbs weights.
But I am getting stronger, so I (might) need them for later :)
So a decent gym with boxing. I've heard MMA gyms almost always have everything I would need.
But I'm not sure I want to do a switch in sport. (It's only a hobby to me, no world champion dreams).

I'm not sure were I will be located when I go there, so just give me what you know :)



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Personal Trainer
7/5/2010 8:28:00 AM

Actually there aren't too many MMA type gyms here
yet but if you are living downtown van there is a
new one on Hornby near Beach ave that just opened
up. I can't remember the name of it now but I think
it's called Tactix...

Membership for a gym without mma stuff is around
40 a month with an initiation fee. With MMA stuff
you're proably looking at a premium.

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