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Hey i was wondering if it is better to run in the morning before breakfast. I've been told that it's more beneficial since your blood sugar levels are already low and tapping into your fat stores would be much easier. Also eating after exercise has always been a rule to me since nutrients are better absorbed and eating before could cause gastric/digestion problems. I can run 10k in the morning before breakfast without much problem but i've heard from others and this site that eating immediately after waking is important. Which is more beneficial for me?


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Personal Trainer
12/16/2009 8:24:04 AM
It depends on what your goal is.

It's more difficult to workout before eating/ not to mention as soon as you wake up. Most people that do this usually give up which is why most trainers recommend working out in the afternoon when you are more motivated. You'll get the best results for weight loss if you run right away after waking (drink water though), and then have a whole hearty breakfast. If your goal is to gain bulk I would suggest against this as you will burn muscle as well as fat.


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