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I am getting tired of constantly eating. The thing that makes it even worse, I gain fat very slowly, but again I eat a lot. I'm up to about six large meals
per day. For example, a breakfast for me is five eggs, 6 long strips of bacon and two pieces of toast with a big glass of milk to wash
it all down with. I was thinking about going to my doctor to find out if I could get some meds to lower my metabolism a bit, but I am just getting
into bodybuilding as well. I want to know if a high metabolism would allow me to gain muscle and/or strength faster than with a lower
metabolism if I ate properly. I just thought it might because I can eat a lot of high protein foods.


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Personal Trainer
7/28/2003 10:33:11 AM
Metabolism basically helps you burn the calories that you take in. Therefore for someone with a higher metabolism will burn more calories at rest and need more food to grow than someone with a slow metabolism. I suggest having even more protein foods such as chicken, tuna, salmon, steak to go along with your eggs (seperate meals).

If you find your still not gaining any weight try seeing a nutritionist.

Thank you

Personal Trainer

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