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I read about when and when not to eat. The thing I'm having trouble with is my work and sleep schedule. I tend to be awake longer than normal.
My work schedule is the following.

Sunday thru Thursday from 4:00pm to between 12:00-3:00 am(depends on how much work we have).

Off Friday and Saturday.

I tend to wake up about 8:00 am, no matter what time I get off from work.

I go to the gym about 10:00am for an hour or two, then come home take a shower grab a bite and go to work. I'm up an average about 18-19 hours a day, so I don't think six small meals would do.

My question, Can some on help me out with a food schedule to complement my work schedule. Any comments and answers appreciated.

Thank you for your time,


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4/26/2008 6:12:21 PM
Thanks for the reply,

my day tends to be longer than average, due to work. Should I just eat every 2 to three hours till i go to sleep. I don't go to sleep till about 3 am?

Thanks again for the help.

Personal Trainer
4/23/2008 10:36:30 AM
Are you talking about the food list as well? Lets talk about meal-times:

1. 8am: breakfast
2. 10am: protein/carb shake during and after workout
3. 1pm: Lunch
4. 330: A solid Snack
5. 8pm Dinner
6. 12pm protein/greens shake


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