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I recently had Gastric Bypass Surgery. On January 31st I weighed in at 344 lbs and today, June 6th, I'm weighing in at 241 lbs. I'm 68 lbs. away from reaching my goal. So on with my problem . . . I have extra skin that needs to be firmed up. I want to know the best exercises to do in order to firm my skin up as much as possible. My trouble areas are of course my stomach and chest as well as under my arms and my thighs. Thanks for your help!


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4/19/2010 4:47:09 PM
your going to want to take it very lightly, do not use a large amount of weights to tighten up the skin, use less weights but a tremendous amounts repetition that's the key, less weights more repetition.

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11/5/2009 4:00:00 PM
Exercise alone will help the areas but will not get rid of the excess skin!
Do you use a gym of do exercises at home? What are you willing to do??

I suggest taking a supplement to aid the elasticity of your skin. Vitamin C and E are very important, Zinc and all the B vitamins, and did you know that people with skin problems quite often have a difficiency in Selenium?? Brazil nuts and milk are good sources (0% of course!).
Oooo, and body brush and massage! increase circulation!

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