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I'm going to school in January to work with horses. I haven't worked in a barn for over 3 years. I would like to strengthen my lower back more than anything because I find if it isn't in prime condition it gives me a lot of pain. Any ideas where to start? I don't know anything about working out!


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10/15/2008 1:04:18 PM
Lower back pain is usually due to weak core musculature or poor posture or both. Work on your core. This includes your abdominals, obliques, glutes and lower back. These are the muscles that, when strong, will help hold a correct posture and eliminate back pain.

Search this site for core exercises, there are plenty. Don't neglect those glutes (squats, lunges, deadlifts). There are fewer moves listed for the glutes but they are very important.

When performing any core exercise it is important to conciously engage the muscles you want to work in order to maintain good form. Core exersises can really mess up your back if done improperly, using the wrong muscles. Hold some tension (slight contraction) in the butt and gut for each move.

Hope this helps.

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